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Why not load up today, and take your trance to the beach, the pool, or just the back-yard.

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  • Do you sometimes feel unworthy, or even unlovable?

  • You struggle with invasive thoughts, or negative self-talk?

  • Or do you simply feel a little ‘off’ and you don’t know why?

Nobody’s born to feel this way. It’s your human right to be happy and live freely, and this requires you to first ground yourself and by-pass the obstacles - real or imagined - that are preventing you from finding your balance, your equilibrium. Most people own at least a few limiting beliefs: it’s part of the human condition. What matters is how you respond to your internal messages; whether you ignore, manage, or submit to them.

It’s going to be an interesting journey of discovery and change, and hypnosis will be your enabler.

let it go - de-clutter your mind and your life

This powerful three-phase hypnotherapy program takes a metaphorical approach to de-cluttering your space, your mind, and your life. In hypnosis, we often use metaphors to demonstrate things, and your subconscious mind is extraordinarily talented and capable of relating metaphorical concepts to practical, life changing situations.

As you work through this program, you may decide to physically declutter your environment, knowing that the mental decluttering will follow, or you might simply focus on the metaphorical process and work only in your mind.

The principles are the same, so the choice is entirely yours.


Is someone else’s difficult behaviour impacting on your life, your happiness, even your job satisfaction?

Perhaps you’re struggling with a work colleague: maybe a boss who never seems satisfied with your efforts, or a co-worker who simply isn’t pulling their weight, or who brings difficulties and disruption into the workplace. Alternately, you may be trying to cope with a troublesome family member, or a friend who is overly demanding.

Whatever the case, someone else’s behaviour is affecting you in ways that you neither need or like. If you’ve been dealing with this for a while, you instinctively know that it can’t continue. You have a basic right to happiness, and if someone else’s behaviour is negatively affecting that, it’s time to make some changes.


You know what it's like. That old familiar feeling starts to trouble you; it grows and mutates, sucking your energy, attention, and logical thought into a ball of aching tension, clouding your judgment and influencing your actions.

It starts in your head, but it invades your whole body, and you hate it. Many people suffer all their lives, and never acknowledge that they need help to get on top of their stress. But it needn’t be that way for you. It’s time for action.

By using hypnosis, at your own speed, and in your own space, you'll quickly understand the changes in your behaviour which will work, and make them.


So, you’re angry. Maybe you’re angry all the time. And when your anger bursts out, people around you get hurt or upset. Afterwards, you wish it hadn’t happened. But it does, and the cycle repeats. You find yourself asking why it happens to you, but not to everyone else.

First of all, let’s agree: it’s not your fault. You’re a unique and amazing person. Your anger is something that happens to you, probably because of something else that happened to you.

Your anger does not define you, and it can be fixed. ‘Traditional’ anger management therapy focuses on unearthing the source and modifying the outcome, and it’s highly personal to each client.

However, there’s another way to control and eliminate persistent anger (better suited to recorded hypnosis) and that’s the approach we’ll take in this program.


Whether you’re new to the dating scene, or you’re just coming back after a long absence, this should be an exciting time for you. There have never been more ways to meet new people, so shouldn’t it be more fun?

You already know that first dates can be highly pressurised, and if one or two don’t work out, you start questioning where you’re going wrong. There’s nothing more disappointing than meeting someone you really like, only to have them disappear at the end of the date, never to be seen again. Perhaps you start to lose confidence, and wonder if it’s all worth it, worried that you’ll fail again and still be on your own tomorrow?

This 3-Part Hypnotherapy Program addresses the three key factors which determine the success or failure of a first date…


If you’re now living alone, or going solo is on your horizon, this program is for you. It doesn’t matter whether you chose the solo life, or it’s happened as a result of events or circumstances. There are so many different reasons why you may find yourself in this unfamiliar situation. Everyone’s story is unique to them.

What unites us with our fellow lone-travellers is an obligation - and hopefully a strong desire - to make the very best of what life can offer us as individuals, because we’re more individual now than maybe we were before.

You’re ready to move on, but you need a little push: not to forget where you came from, but nevertheless to acknowledge things as they are now, and discover a positive way forwards.


Change is going on all the time, everywhere. When it touches you, it can be a confusing, challenging time. If you’re not careful, you can be swept away by a wave you can’t escape.

So, how come others seem to thrive on change? How do they stay calm and in control? Surely it cant be that easy?

This program will simplify, streamline, and smarten up your responses to change, and equip you with the mental and physical resilience to thrive despite the turbulence.

time out - fix your work-life balance

The harder we work, the more comfortable and successful we can be, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves. But at what cost?

Many of us spend much of our careers out of balance. We’re on a hamster wheel, scared to step off in case events overtake us and we slip from our established position. We worry about money, mostly.

When you’re out of balance, you can seriously endanger your health. Sure, you might be able to manage ten or twelve hour working days, particularly when you’re young, but in the end it’s probably going to catch up with you, and it’ll manifest itself as stress.

You have one life, and if you spend half of it in a maelstrom of self-imposed over-exertion, physically and/or mentally, you’re heading for a crash. That’s what this program will seek to correct.


When your car’s running rough and underperforming, you take it for a tune up. So why not do the same for your mind?

From time to time you need to touch base with your true values, and rediscover your powerful qualities of clear thought, confident outlook, and your life’s purpose. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the important thing in life, so take time out and put your own needs first, just for a little while. These three new half-hour hypnosis sessions can be used during the day or in bed at night.

Each one takes you on a journey of discovery, guiding you to reconnect with what really matters. You can decide to make changes, or simply relax and enjoy the ride.


You are a boss if you have any responsibility for the organisation and performance of people who report to you or through you. You’re in that position for a reason: someone in your organisation has identified you as a person who can be relied upon to execute and deliver value to your organisation.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in charge of the office counting paperclips or you’re running a global commercial operation, the principles are the same. Good managers and great bosses focus on best practices. Sure, we all have our individual personalities that we inevitably imprint on our leadership style – after all nobody likes working for a cold fish.

But there’s a set of protocols - ways to do things - that are proven to get the best results in the majority of cases.


As with all my hypnosis programs, these will work better and faster if you’re confident going in and out of trance. If you’ve tried hypnosis or hypnotherapy in the past, and feel that it worked for you, you should be fine. If this is your first time, I recommend you complete my two short training recordings before you set to work on the main event.

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Hypnosis is progressive, and the more often you do it, the faster, smoother, and deeper it becomes. By conditioning yourself with the training recordings, you’ll find the therapeutic effects of the main recordings will be many times more successful.

All you have to do is relax!