Rick Smith HPD, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Rick Smith HPD, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Recorded hypnosis is there when you need it, as often
as you need it. No practice-based therapist can
offer this level of client service and support.

Even at 10x the price."

Rick Smith has been a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2007. His bestselling 2013 book "How to Master Self-Hypnosis in a Weekend" introduced tens of thousands of new enthusiasts to the amazing potential of the hypnotic trance. Rick's online system, using custom hypnosis recordings - the scripts - has opened up access to professional hypnotherapy to people all over the world, irrespective of of their location, wealth, or status. 

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“All my hypnotherapy programs contain multiple recorded hypnosis sessions, and can be downloaded or streamed instantly, to any device that can play MP3’s. Just click on any image below to read full details of the program you like.”

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  • £6.95 / $9.25* EACH (EXCLUDING ‘THE SIX DAY QUIT’)


  • Just click on the cover below for full details of each program.

  • 30-Day no-quibble money back guarantee


hypnosis for the many, not the few

Imagine you have a problem that you're facing, a habit you'd like to change, or something you'd like to stop doing. You've had hypnosis or hypnotherapy recommended to you, so you find the courage to make an appointment.

The due day arrives, and you head off for your session. Perhaps you drive there, dealing with the traffic, finding a car park, worrying that you'll be late, and eventually arriving, stressed and nervous. 

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The hypnotherapist invites you into their office. It's an unfamiliar environment, and you're apprehensive about what this stranger is going to do to you. Will it work? Will you feel it? How will you know if it's been effective?

So you spend the first half of the session trying to figure out if you're actually hypnotised. Assuming the trance happens, in spite of your nervousness and apprehension, you eventually emerge, unsure of what took place. Is that it?

You pay your money (probably quite a lot of money) and you're out the door, so the therapist can see the next client. You find your car, pay your ticket, and start your return. By the time you get home you already know that some of the effect has worn off, so you try your self-hypnosis routine like your hypnotist told you to, but you can't seem to make it work.

All that stress, all that money, and - except for a fortunate few - very little long-term effect.

You may give up completely. Your problem wasn’t solved.

The Alternative;

  • You decide to try hypnotherapy to manage your challenge or issue.

  • You buy, beg, borrow or steal one of my recorded programs, which will never be more than £6.95 (or the equivalent dollars).

  • You find a quiet, comfortable space at home, put on your headphones, and listen to the sessions, which I’ve specifically created and adapted to work effectively in a one-way environment.

  • You practice your new skills straight away, and repeat your hypnosis sessions whenever necessary, anytime, anywhere.

Now, how’s that not going to work better?

repetition is the key to success

Hypnosis is progressive. The more times you do it, the easier it becomes and the deeper you'll go. That's why having 24/7 access to your hypnotist ensures that whenever you need help, support, or just a top-up, the right intervention is at your fingertips. My professional clinical recordings are yours to download or stream, to any device, anywhere, any time. 

Every Rick Smith Hypnosis product includes multiple full-length recordings which are yours to use, forever. 

No stress, no travel, and because you move at your own speed, you'll never be nervous or apprehensive about what's going to happen next. You'll relax, you'll listen, and you'll learn; more and more every time you go into trance. Everything you need is laid out sequentially.

In my private practice, I could only help one client at a time.
Here - online - my work can help thousands.
— Rick Smith HPD, DHyp
  • Every Rick Smith Hypnosis course comes with professionally recorded hypnotherapy sessions.

  • You'll first be trained, over two sessions, to accept and enjoy hypnosis. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

  • Once you're comfortable with the process, we'll start the work on your specific issues or challenges.

  • You'll repeat each recording as you need, discovering what works for your own situation.

  • As you become more confident, the process becomes more effective and long-lasting.

  • Regular use of these hypnosis techniques will strengthen your new behaviour, rewiring your brain with healthier habits.

  • If you ever slip, the hypnosis downloads are there to support you and get you back on track, quickly and effortlessly.