Anxiety - you feel it rising, so take control and crush it, now.

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You know what it's like. That old familiar feeling starts to trouble you; it grows and mutates, sucking your energy, attention, and logical thought into a ball of aching tension, clouding your judgment and influencing your actions. You hate it, and it never helps. Whatever you've tried hasn't worked, so you're looking for something different.

You’re not alone - you can fix yourself

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Anxiety comes in many forms, but it’s usually caused by fear of something that you think is about to happen, and the way that it’s going to make you feel. Your imagination perceives an impending threat, and fires off a salvo of chemicals into your brain and bloodstream to alert you. Many people suffer all their lives, and never acknowledge that they need help to get on top of the condition.

Yet, once you understand what's happening, it's not that difficult to adapt your response so that the effects of these chemicals are suppressed, and you get back to normal quickly without losing your focus. Using hypnosis, you'll learn to separate your thoughts and feelings when anxiety approaches, and to focus on the outcome, not the process. You'll be able to remain cool and calm in the face of your challenges, and navigate yourself, and those around you, through those difficult situations.


Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools around for managing anxiety. The techniques you'll quickly learn in this program will enable you to confidently face your anxiety symptoms, and block their negative effects at source. Some talking therapies might focus on finding the elemental source of your issue, but this takes time and money and lots of homework. By using hypnosis, at your own speed, and in your own space, you'll quickly understand the changes in your behaviour which will work, and make them.

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  1. Managing your feelings: Everything you feel when your anxiety rises is a result of the chemical changes in your body, in response to even the most imperceptible threat. Our first hypnosis session will coach you in recognising and acknowledging what's happening, very early in the process, then implanting new skills to neutralise the chemical effect on you and suppress the further release of hormones, returning you to your optimum state quickly.

  2. Managing your emotions: Emotions can often drive anxiety, or alternately the anxiety causes the emotional response. Everyone’s different. What’s for sure is that you won’t find the right answer if you permit your misplaced emotional dislocation to dictate your response. Our second session will implant a toolkit you can call on when you recognise the anxiety state is arriving, allowing you to anticipate, obstruct, and deconstruct potentially damaging pressures and tensions. You’ll be taught how to see the way through anxiety episodes, and navigate yourself to a calm, safe, rational state more quickly.

  3. Integrating new behaviour so that it becomes automatic. Our objective is to create a new neural pathway in your brain which invokes a different, more measured and appropriate response, using your new control techniques,. You’ll be given the opportunity to look deeply into your personality, to search for answers to questions you may have, and which may be an underlying source of your anxiety.

By the time you complete the three sessions, repeating them as necessary, you’ll have acquired all the tools and techniques you need to face any situation with calmness, and confidence in your ability to deal with any challenge.

And you'll feel a whole lot better than you do right now!


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As with all my hypnosis courses, this one will work many times better and faster if you’re confident going in and out of trance. If you’ve tried hypnosis or hypnotherapy in the past, and feel that it worked for you, you should be fine. If this is your first time, I recommend you complete my two short training recordings (included free in your download package) before you set to work on your anxiety.

Hypnosis is progressive, and the more often you do it, the faster, smoother, and deeper it becomes. By conditioning yourself with the training trances, you’ll find the therapeutic effects of the main recordings will be many times more successful.


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Once you learn how to manage and control your response to challenge, confrontation, or threat, you won’t recognise the ‘old you’ any more.

You’ll feel confident, you’ll radiate calmness, and you’ll join the legion of cool people who know the secret to a happier life.

Each of the three recordings has a short introduction, or pre-amble, following which you’ll begin the hypnosis. The three Crush Anxiety Now recordings add up to more than two hours of professional hypnotherapy and training. All of this is easily achieved in the privacy of your own home.

All you have to do is relax!

Now available in 100% audio format for the first time. 



  • 6 full-length sessions + bonus

  • 5h 15m running time

RSP £13.90