• Maybe you’re struggling with social situations? Wanting to start new friendships, but wary of putting yourself out there.

  • Perhaps you want to be more confident in your work life? You’ve seen how more assertive people progress and succeed, and you’d like to be able to do that for yourself.

  • Or are you facing presentation or performance anxiety? You have a great story to tell, but you’re held back, anxious about the things that could go wrong, and ignoring the - more likely - outcome that everything goes right?

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is YOUR lack of confidence stopping you living the life you want?

Many people suffer all their lives, and never take action. Their philosophy? If you never try, you’ll never fail. 

But if you never take a risk, you’ll never feel the elation of a well-earned reward.

Something in your past has shaped your view of who you are, how others see you, and what you can actually do. Listen: it’s in the past, and quite likely incorrect. Whatever happened, or whatever was said, your subconscious mind absorbed it, and established it as part of your belief system.

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But it’s really not part of who you are; you weren’t born that way. You’ve learned to be shy, or lack faith in yourself in certain situations, and this has been holding you back, possibly for years.

You’re not alone - you can fix yourself

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Your mind is programmed to keep you safe, and it’s setting you a low bar. Perhaps you avoid anything which has the remotest risk of failure or embarrassment? You see danger signals when there usually isn't any danger.

What we show to others is how they form their opinions of us. If the signals we’re sending out aren’t getting us what we’d like to be getting back, it plays right into the hands of your safety-first subconscious mind, which then steers you away from similar situations in the future.

The good news is this: just as you learned to believe this artificial, incorrect information about yourself, you can learn a different way to behave, one that uses no more effort or intelligence but which will have a more positive, beneficial outcome.


In Cool, Calm, Confident You,  you'll be re-discovering strengths you’ve unwittingly suppressed or buried, and learning how to put them together and make them work for you, in your new, confident persona.

It’s rather like upgrading your software with a version which makes better use of your resources, and delivers you a more satisfactory outcome than the previous version.

These hypnosis tools will empower you to modify your emotional responses and remove the unnecessary obstructions to living your fuller, more confident life. 

Once you’ve understood the rewards, you’ll be highly motivated to learn and practice the methods of obtaining them.


  • 6 full-length sessions

  • 4h 4m total running-time

  • Includes Training & Conditioning program

RSP £13.90


  1. Managing Your Feelings: In the first session, we’ll examine and remove some of the common obstacles to confidence. You’ll learn to separate who you are from how you feel, and replace the way your feelings cause you to act with more appropriate responses. You have all the necessary resources: our objective is to over-write unhelpful beliefs and behaviour with habits more suited to the confident person you’ve now decided to become.

  2. Integrating New Behaviour: In the second session, we’ll examine your part in your own life, and you’ll discover the qualities you already possess that make you unique and special. In this module, you’ll come to understand that you have all you need to control what happens, before, during, and after any confidence-testing situation. Millions of confident people do things this way, and you can model their methods, and succeed for yourself.

  3. Presentation or Performance Confidence: In the third session, we’ll be dealing with Presentation or Performance Confidence. Whether you’re delivering your first business presentation, making a wedding speech, or you still get nervous after years on the theatre stage, this is a well-proven hypnosis approach which has been shown to work effectively. If your lifestyle or career depends on public speaking or performance, this session will equip you with the right tools to deliver, every time.

By the time you complete the three sessions, repeating them as necessary, you’ll have acquired all the tools and techniques you need to face any situation with calmness, and confidence in your ability to deal with any challenge.

And you'll feel a whole lot better than you do right now!


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As with all my hypnosis courses, this one will work many times better and faster if you’re confident going in and out of trance. If you’ve tried hypnosis or hypnotherapy in the past, and feel that it worked for you, you should be fine. If this is your first time, I recommend you complete my two short training recordings (included free in your download package) before you start the main program.

Hypnosis is progressive, and the more often you do it, the faster, smoother, and deeper it becomes. By conditioning yourself with the training trances, you’ll find the therapeutic effects of the main recordings will be many times more successful.


Once you learn how to manage and control your approach to life's challenging situations, you won’t recognise the ‘old you’ any more.

You’ll feel confident, you’ll radiate calmness, and you’ll join the legion of cool people who know the secret to a happier life.

Each of the three recordings has a short introduction, or pre-amble, following which you’ll begin the hypnosis. The three Cool, Calm, Confident You recordings add up to nearly three hours of professional hypnotherapy and training. All of this is easily achieved in the privacy of your own home.

All you have to do is relax!

Now available in 100% audio format for the first time.